First Ride

School has been keeping me super busy so far this semester, but I'm enjoying my classes so far. The weather also keeps having dramatic changes so I've only been seeing the horses once a week which isn't ideal...but I did finally get to ride them last week! So we've been having stupidly cold days, but... Continue Reading →


Winter Blues

So the horses have been at the new barn for a month, and I've seen them all of six times. The last two months have not been great for me and the horses. December I was super unhappy with the barn so I didn't go, and now winter has decided to come. The other day... Continue Reading →

Dear Boo Boo

Dear Boo Boo, Wow! It's been ten years since I first rode you. That's crazy! It seems like forever ago. We've done so much together. I love and trust you so much. So much has happened, yet I still remember parts of our first ride. It was a cold day with snow on the ground.... Continue Reading →

Stuffed Story

I remember on my 9th birthday going to Toys R Us and buying a very special toy. I bought it with the money that I got for my birthday. It was a big stuffed horse that I named Story, after my first lesson horse. I used to use Story as a pillow at night. I... Continue Reading →

My First Trail Ride

Not long after I first started riding, my dad had a business/incentive trip to Mexico that the whole family went on. Our hotel was right on the beach and we often saw people riding horses down the beach. One day we had some time free from the group and my dad and brother rented a... Continue Reading →

New Barn Week One

The ponies have been at their new home for a week now, and I think we're all loving it! I went out the see them on Monday. They were together by themselves when I got there. I posted a clip of the video I took when we put them in their new pasture on Instagram... Continue Reading →

Moving Day

Yesterday I moved my horses. Yay! It takes three of us to move them, but it all went pretty smoothly. I have a good feeling about the new barn and feel happy to have them moved. So it takes three of us to load both horses because I have a slant load trailer and as... Continue Reading →

2018 in Pictures

So Amanda at The $900 Facebook Pony wrote a post a couple of weeks ago summing up her 2018 in pictures that fall into different categories. I love this idea so much! She encouraged others to join in, so here's my post! To start off with though, I wasn't planning on doing a year-end post... Continue Reading →

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