Groundwork Blues

Groundwork is important to do with your horse. It's pretty common knowledge to horse owners. For a few years however, my horses and I have all been getting bored with groundwork. It's gotten even worse because we only have the round pen where we're at right now with a mounting block and sometimes a cone... Continue Reading →


Ponying the Pony

Tuesday was such a beautiful day that I couldn’t stay in the cold, windy round pen when the sun was out and shining. I was by myself and wanted to make sure Trinity got a walk to stretch her legs out of the mud and Boo got worked, so I decided to do what I... Continue Reading →

Story Time: Gizmo

Gizmo is my first favorite horse. I'm not completely sure why. She was an Appaloosa ("Dalmatian horse" as I used to call them). She was blind in one eye and half blind in the other as I was told. She had spirit and wasn't always very nice. She was more of an extrovert, I think,... Continue Reading →

Life Update

I wish I had something more exciting to talk about today, but I don't. It's been cold and muddy, and with no indoor arena or even anywhere to get away from the wind, it's hard to work the horses. To start with a good update, the ponies have gained back their weight by just getting... Continue Reading →

Knock of Confidence

My confidence, in all aspects of life, gets knocked sometimes. Everyone's confidence gets knocked sometimes. When my horse confidence gets knocked though, it gets knocked hard. I feel like a total fake. I may have been doing this for over half my life, but I feel like I know nothing and am no good. My... Continue Reading →

Story Time: Dazzle and Electric

The main stories I remember about Dazzle and Electric are from the indoor arena. It is a very small arena, barely large enough for seven horses to move evenly spaced out on the rail. Dazzle was a palomino that I rode in a jumping lesson once. He over-jumped most of the jumps (he jumped really... Continue Reading →

Cold Days

I've been sick and haven't been to see my horses for a week. It snowed the night before I saw them last. I do not like the cold. The horses' field is very muddy. I saw them eating at a round bale with some other horses when I got there. I opened the gate and... Continue Reading →

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