I'm missed riding in the arena so much. Although, I've forgotten how uncomfortable Trinity can be to ride though. She can be comfortable, but that's usually when she's in shape and after she has warmed up. Other than constantly tossing his head and not bending properly, Boo Boo isn't that different when he's out of... Continue Reading →



A bit random and not horse related...but something close to my heart...or actually on my mind.... Cutting my hair and donating it. I have lost count of how many times I have cut my hair and donated it now. For most of my life these have been the only haircuts I have gotten. Other than... Continue Reading →

Itchy Boy

Boo Boo has never had an itchy spot. Occasionally when I brushing him, his neck might have an itch he wants me to itch, but never consistently. Trinity loves having her neck itched. Left side, along the mane up by her ears. She almost always pushes into me when I groom her there. She's the... Continue Reading →

No Bareback in Spring

I'm back! Wow those last couple of weeks were a lot! End of the semester and all the life stuff happening! Now I can finally get on with some of my blog ideas from weeks ago! First, did you like my last two posts? I really liked my last one. It was a bit of... Continue Reading →

Take Boo Boo for a Ride

Once again I have too much to do this week and don't have time to write a post. I should be back actually writing next week! Until then, why not take Boo Boo out for a ride? See where you go! Have fun!   How was your ride?


So, I don't have time to write a blog post for this week, but I still want to post, so here are some pictures I've been taking recently. I really love Boo Boo, Trinity and Levi's colors together!! So, there's some pictures that are just sitting on my phone. I haven't even had time to... Continue Reading →


I saddled Trinity last week! It feels like it's been forever since I've used the saddle! Not since Ponying the Pony in December. So Friday my phone made it look like it was going to rain all day, so I headed out to the barn with my tack cleaning stuff to give my tack a... Continue Reading →

Nap Day

I've been running low on ideas for this blog recently if you haven't been able to tell. The weather hasn't been great, but not horrible. I've been doing nothing new with the ponies. Life has had all the stressers. It just hasn't been super great recently, but this week I came up with so many... Continue Reading →

Vital Signs

So, I've owned Boo Boo for 9 years and Trinity for 8 years, and it is just this year that I decided I should probably get some vital signs for them so I know when something is wrong. Smart, right? Better late than never? So I went to Google and found an article from Continue Reading →

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