Hey, Pals! I’m Joyce. I’ve been riding horses for over half my life. I’ve trained mostly as a hunter/jumper with natural horsemanship and some dressage mixed in. I’ve also gotten into gaming the last few years – mostly pole bending. Jumping, trail riding, and pole bending are my favorite things to do on my horse. On the ground I love to watch my horses graze or play with them.


Horses have been in my life for a very long time, and so many adventures have happened with and around them. I want to share those adventures as well as my thoughts and feelings regarding horses. I want to share my journey with my horses up till this point in my life and beyond. Any posts starting with “Story Time” in the title are my old stories and everything else is a current story. This is just my horse life.

This is Boo Boo (Needs a Band-aid), my 20 -year-old  Quarter horse.  He loves to eat and peppermints are his favorite treat. He also loves to jump. We’ve jumped as high as 2’9″ (apparently) but usually stick to 2′-2’6″ depending on the shape we’re in, but he’s afraid to jump flowers. He also loves trail riding and going for a nice gallop. I’ve been riding him since January 31, 2009 and have owned him since June 2010. He may not be perfect, but we’re perfect for each other. He’s taught me so much and shown me so much love. We both have our bad days, but there is no other horse I would rather spend my life with.


This is Trinity (Rocky Mountain Tea), my 21-year-old paint. I’m not really sure what her bred is, but she looks exactly like a shorter version of a Saddlebred horse we know.  I’ve owned her since summer 2011. She has the biggest heart and wants to please her rider, but she can get a bit flustered when she’s not sure of what she’s doing. I used to jump her because that’s what I love, and she was a good little jumper, but she’s very stiff. I don’t purposely jumper her anymore, but while playing around doing the gaming patterns a few years ago, I discovered her love of pole bending. She’s not the best, but she loves it! We also do some barrel racing and down and back. She’s a spunky little girl.


I hope you find us interesting and want to read about what we’ve gotten up to in the past ten plus years and what we’ll get into in the future. I’m excited to share our stories!

Also, I love books. I want to share my love of books, so I’m going to do that here in addition to my horse stories.


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