First Ride

School has been keeping me super busy so far this semester, but I’m enjoying my classes so far. The weather also keeps having dramatic changes so I’ve only been seeing the horses once a week which isn’t ideal…but I did finally get to ride them last week!

So we’ve been having stupidly cold days, but last Monday was really nice, like I was just in a T-shirt at the barn for the afternoon nice! It was so nice I couldn’t resist not going for a ride. I haven’t been on either of their backs since moving, and I’ve ridden so little since like September.

I had Boo Boo out first. Trinity and Levi were slightly concerned as I walked Boo Boo down the driveway, but nothing too bad. Boo Boo was also super calm at the trailer, which he hasn’t really been at this place. He was so relaxed he could probably fall asleep! I was so happy that he was so relaxed! I’ve been stressing out about him since he has spent most of his time out of the field worried about Trinity. That doesn’t make for a fun day at the barn.


I hopped on him bareback and just explored around the farm a bit. I got the OK from the owner to ride over all 400 acres of the farm! I can’t wait to actually start exploring it. Since it was the first day I didn’t want to go too far. Boo Boo and Trinity both don’t always like to go out by themselves and I didn’t want to have a fight.

Boo Boo and I explored around one of the horse fields and up around the driveway. We pretty much rode over all the land I have been admiring already. We were out for about an hour. It was so nice!

I put him back and got Trinity out. He walked right past her when he went back in and didn’t even seem to care about her until I took her out. Boo Boo and Levi were very concerned. Thankfully at the trailer she was just as calm as Boo Boo.


There wasn’t much to explore around the horse field so I just did the daring move of riding Trinity past the boys to ride around the fields along the driveway. She did great. She rarely will go out by herself. Usually she will take two steps, stop with her head high and ears pricked and tense. I have to kick her up for two more steps and then she stops again. She was on a high alert, but not that bad. I was happy with her. I don’t know if it helped that the boys screamed like idiots for her the whole half hour we were out or not, but I did manage to ride her further away from them than I thought I would be able to.

I didn’t get to explore the farm too much, but I did get to ride my horses and it was a great day!


This day in particular I was really able to tell the difference between how Boo Boo and Trinity are built and move since there was maybe half an hour between getting off Boo Boo and getting on Trinity.

Boo Boo I feel more secure on since his back is so swayed and he’s just round and comfy. I don’t really feel his spine.

Trinity feels like she has a straight back compared to Boo Boo so I don’t feel as secure. I can feel her spine a little but not uncomfortably so.

They also just move so differently. Boo Boo moves more in slow motion and is smooth which Trinity moves slowly but not in slow motion and she’s stiffer. Boo Boo will bend his body and Trinity will not. When she turns her body is as straight as can be!

I love my ponies and I love how different they are. It was such a nice day and I’m so happy I was able to ride them! I can’t wait to saddle them up and explore the farm properly!

Although the weather is looking not great so I don’t even know if I’ll go see them this week which makes me really say…


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