Winter Blues

So the horses have been at the new barn for a month, and I’ve seen them all of six times. The last two months have not been great for me and the horses. December I was super unhappy with the barn so I didn’t go, and now winter has decided to come. The other day the windchill was in the negatives. The next day wasn’t much warmer. Also, the driveway at the barn hasn’t been great and that scares me, so icy driveway and super cold weather means no horses for me.

So the few times I’ve been able to see them, I haven’t been able to do anything with the horses anyways after the first few visits because it’s been so cold and/or snowy and icy.


I don’t like the winter. I don’t like the cold. I don’t like ice. I guess I don’t really mind the snow other than snow means there could be ice. I can put up with the cold if I have to, but I don’t like it.

This has not been a great month for me really, mentally that is. Been spending all my time alone in my room on the internet/doing some little things/reading. Lots of reading. I finished The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton in just over a week and a half when we’re spending the first four weeks on it…At least I’m ahead of the six novels we’re reading in 14 weeks! It’s really good and I recommend it!

With these three alone, taking two out will be impossible….

Hailey’s horse, Levi got moved to the new barn last week and the three of them are alone in the cool courtyard area so I explored it a bit the last time I was there! I can’t wait to do all the photo shoots there! It’s so cool! Although, I took Trinity out and Levi was all worried about her even though Boo Boo was still in with him….Once I got her to the trailer she was so relaxed she almost fell asleep which is good though. Boo Boo did not respond the same way when I took him out…

So top tip I have learned this last week. Even though I don’t really like exercising — I have no problem with moving, I’ll walk or ride my bike or work at the barn all day, but counting all the exercises and that I’m not a fan off — it was able to put me into a better mood instantly. The first week of school was a bit stressful with having to read 5 chapters of a novel and take notes on it in 48 hours on top of my work, sleep, and food already scheduled, and then fighting with the bookstore about a book and trying to get the right book as soon as I could so I could start reading….I just didn’t have time to fit exercise in and I was in such a bad mood. I finally exercised on Tuesday of the second week and felt so much happier for the rest of the day. It’s not magical and I’ve still been stressed and had bad moods, but overall my mood has been better, so keeping that a part of my routine!


The first month at the new barn hasn’t been very exciting at all, and it has not been a great month for me. However, the 31st brought the ten year anniversary of my first ride on Boo Boo! That’s crazy! My bad mood made me skip over that a little bit but my last post was all about our ten years together I’ve been working on for a little while now, so go give it a read if you haven’t already!

Taken with Lumia Selfie
10 years together!

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