Dear Boo Boo

Dear Boo Boo,

Wow! It’s been ten years since I first rode you. That’s crazy! It seems like forever ago. We’ve done so much together. I love and trust you so much. So much has happened, yet I still remember parts of our first ride.

One of the first pictures of us!

It was a cold day with snow on the ground. The front doors to the indoor were frozen closed all except about six inches which is where I called in to my riding instructor to ask who I was riding. I believe it was the first lesson after the 2008 Christmas show where I rode Ellie, but Flash had been my lesson pony and we weren’t able to ride him anymore. She told me to ride you.


Before this you were owned by a little girl who had a lot of problems with you. They ended up giving you to the barn. I needed a new lesson pony and there you were. I got you ready and had to walk around to the back of the indoor to get in for our lesson. I happened to write in my diary that day so I know Hailey wasn’t in my lesson that day. I said, “He was so good. . . . He was a little fast, but he’s really good. He’s using Phoenix’s old bridle.” How funny that I said you were fast! haha There’s also a section that ask “What I did to brighten someone else’s day” and I responded “told [my riding instructor] I’m staying another year.” We were supposed to move halfway across the country in the summer but it got pushed back a year. She was so happy when I told her as I was walking you around to cool you off she came over and gave me a big hug that almost pulled me off your back because I had dropped my stirrups. How amazing is that!

me n boo, wow!
One of my all time favorite pictures!!!! It is titled “The Jump”! The story about this will come one day….

After a year and a half of adventures of you as my lesson pony, I got to take you with me when we moved! I couldn’t believe it and I could not ask for a better first pony. I worked hard to get you used to going into the trailer because we had four days to travel and you did not like going in the trailer.

Our first trailer that took you halfway across the country. Notice the big bag of mints!

The trip wasn’t too bad, once you got in the trailer. The first two days were not bad, but the third day it took us two hours to get you on the trailer. The fourth day you got on a lot quicker, but I think it’s because the cowboy that helped us at the beautiful farm that the Parellis had just stopped at two days before was a bit rough with you and when you saw me in the trailer you came right in to me.

Such a pretty boy!

You will still follow me anywhere, huh? When you moved this summer, you followed me right out the human door, under the bar that splits the doorway in half!

We’ve grown so much together.

We’ve had such a strong relationship for so long. We’ve done so much together. When we started out, you would jump over ground poles and fling your butt in the air as we went over a proper jump. Now, you just like to take every jump long.

hay bale
Jumping hay!

We both love jumping so much. We even managed a little jump tackless one day! You had just recovered from an abscess, which is why I kept it to a small jump, but it was so much fun! I hope we can do it again one day with a bit more control steering you! haha

14.7.14 bridleless_LI
Maybe one day we can do this again, but higher!

You also love other animals, food — especially peppermints — trail riding, galloping, and rolling.



You helped me have so much confidence on horseback — I’ve had to fake it to help you over any jump that wasn’t a pole or log — and you helped me find a love of bareback. You’re supper comfy bareback which helps (we’ve called you a couch!). I did some bareback before I rode you, but I found my confidence with it somewhere along the way with you. After I was able to canter and jump you bareback when you were still in a place when you would buck when picking up the canter and still learning how to jump I started doing everything bareback.

When we were just getting used to jumping bareback!

Speaking of bucking, oh the bucking! You used to do it all the time! Not so much anymore except when I make you mad, but you usually start with a nasty look. My favorites were when I was in my English saddle surrounded by cowgirls who couldn’t believe I stayed on when you became perpendicular with the ground. All I did was sit in my seat like I’m pretty sure they would! haha

15.5.16 boo
You still love to JUMP into the canter at times!

So many adventures together and so much growth together! Some of our crazier times were riding in a Christmas parade, riding along the highway after riding to Sonic, sleeping over at a friend’s house, moving halfway across the country twice, and doing everything bareback.


Let’s take a look at what each year brought:

2009: A partnership begins.

2010: You’re my first horse, and the first thing I do is move you halfway across the country.

2011: I can stand on your back.

2012: Ride to Sonic

2013: We finally figured out how to get you on the trailer as we moved back across the country.

2014: We jumped barrels and tackless, and fell together.

2015: Do everything bareback and jump western.

2016: You came halfway across your field because you saw me, so we went for a trail ride, and you learned how to kiss.

2017: I finally thought to get you a nose fly mask so you don’t get sunburn.

2018: You showed me that you DO love to jump!

2019: Our next adventure in a new home.

Wow! Some of those adventures feel like they happened yesterday!

This was an exciting goal to accomplish! Haven’t done it much since.

Boo Boo, I love you so much. I don’t know what my life would be like without you. We’ve both learned a lot from each other and changed a lot. I don’t have many relationships that have lasted as long as ours, especially any that are as close. We can read each other so well, and we do annoy each other and get frustrated at times, but who doesn’t? You are not the perfect horse, but I am not the perfect person. We are perfect for each other though. We are able to listen to each other. You know when I’m upset, and I know when you are upset. I know what will upset you and what will make you happy.



I love everything about you. I love your little ears, your perfectly shaped face, your swayback, your beautiful mane, your color, your shining eyes, your love of peppermints, jumping, and trails, your loving personality, your mean personality, your need for personal space, your playfulness, your bucks, your movement, your lips, your fuzzy winter coat, your golden spring coat, your love of rolling, your deep whinny, and your love of food. No matter what I always know that I am safe when I am around you. I am so secure on your back that I daydream and let my riding position go bad on the trail.



I hope you live a long, happy life, baby boy. You already made it to 20! There is a possibility that if you stay healthy and live a long life, I will ride you for half my life! How cool would that be! Probably wouldn’t be able to say that with any other horse ever. I’ll take care of you the best I can so we can say that.

We did Halloween once.

I hope we get to go on lots of trail rides, gallop for miles, and jump so much more before it becomes too much for you. I love every moment I spend with you and miss you so much when I’m away from you.

Always all the cuddles.

Ten years is a long time and I’m glad I spent them with you.

Taken with Lumia Selfie
“Here for the Boos”





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