Stuffed Story

I remember on my 9th birthday going to Toys R Us and buying a very special toy. I bought it with the money that I got for my birthday. It was a big stuffed horse that I named Story, after my first lesson horse.


I used to use Story as a pillow at night. I set him up at the top of my bed facing out and put my head on his saddle.

My biggest memories of Story take place in the living room. I would set Story up on the piano bench so I could pretend like I was riding him while watching TV.

This is kinda how he looked on the piano bench, but, ya know, it was a piano bench not a crib.

Someone lent me the American Girl movie Felicity for a little while and I remember “riding” along with Felicity for a bit.

I was also lent Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, and I used to dive with Story as Sonora dived.


Mostly though, I would riding with The Saddle Club. I have two of The Saddle Club movies on DVD. One of the DVDs I have is The First Adventure, where they go on the Mountain Trail Overnight. I would put on a backpack packed with whatever I thought I needed and put my fanny pack on Story as saddle bags and went along with them on the trails.


I had so much fun play riding Story with these movies when I was little. Story was a great purchase for 9-year-old me. Over time he became a barrier to keep the dog off the futon, and now he’s the only permanent resident of the guest room, still spending his time on the futon.

Did you have any horse toys you could ride? What did you play with them? Did you ever “ride” along with your favorite horse movies? If you didn’t have a horse toy to ride, what movies would you have ridden along to?


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