My First Trail Ride

Not long after I first started riding, my dad had a business/incentive trip to Mexico that the whole family went on. Our hotel was right on the beach and we often saw people riding horses down the beach.


One day we had some time free from the group and my dad and brother rented a scooter while my mom and I went across the street where the stable was for a horseback ride. Along the beach. It was my first trail ride. How cool is that!?


The saddles were western and I had never seen a horn so big before (or since).

I’m holding a steering wheel!

We rode in a group with a guide, and when we got to the spot where we had to turn around, we took a picture. My mom had been taking some pictures as we went, but at this point the tour guide took the camera so we could get a picture together.


There was something a little strange that happened during the pictures. My horse peed while the pictures were taken and as soon as my horse was done and the pictures were taken, my mom’s horse peed.


It was a nice ride and fun — I’m guessing, it’s a little foggy in my memory. When we met back up with my dad and brother we found out they had seen us crossing the rode while they were on the scooter and my brother took some pictures of us.


Even though I have foggy memories of this ride, it’s still pretty cool that my first trail ride was on a beach. I didn’t count it as my first trail ride for a long time, then one day I realized it was my first ride outside of the arena that wasn’t just around the barn as the “trail rides” were at my first barn.


Sadly I haven’t been back on a beach with a horse. I would love to do it again though!

I got a picture of my mom’s horse after the ride but not mine.

Have you ridden a horse on the beach? Where was your first trail ride?


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