New Barn Week One

The ponies have been at their new home for a week now, and I think we’re all loving it!

I went out the see them on Monday. They were together by themselves when I got there. I posted a clip of the video I took when we put them in their new pasture on Instagram which was pretty uneventful and it seemed like the rest of the night went like that because neither of them had any kick or bite marks. Win!

Field meeting!

I got Trinity out and I groomed her and we did a little bit of ground work in the arena. The arena is usable, which is super nice, but the sand is really deep. The owner told me they had put too much sand in, and he wasn’t kidding! We were sinking down about three inches! It was still usable even with all the stupid amounts of rain we’ve had which seems like a miracle! Trinity was a bit distracted by Boo Boo calling to her while I groomed her, but even though part of their field is close to the arena and Boo Boo was close by, once I started working her she concentrated on me.

After she did some work, I got Boo Boo out. He was very distracted and concerned as we walked to the trailer and he would not stand still as I groomed him. He was worried about Trinity I guess. It probably didn’t help that when I was taking him out the other horses came over and hung out with Trinity so she was content with life and not calling for him. I decided to take Boo Boo into the barn and put him on cross-ties to see if he would stand better there. Not so much. He would stay where I wanted him if I stood on the side he kept moving towards, but if I moved to any different spot he moved his butt and strained to look out of the barn.

After we stood on the cross-ties for a bit I decided to go do some ground work with him before grooming him. Trinity and the other horses were close to the arena so he could see them and that seemed to calm him down. Trinity was even playing a little with the cute little bay.

Boo Boo worked a little then I took him back to into the barn to groom him before putting him back out.

As I was driving past their field leaving, they were walking down the hill towards the other horses and it looked like Trinity just fell over as she was walking, but I think it was on purpose because she started rolling as soon as she went down. It was a little strange!

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how pretty this place is!

Then because of being sick, having work, and cold weather I didn’t get back out to the barn until Friday, and I was shocked by what I saw when I pulled in. Trinity wasn’t glued to Boo Boo’s side! Not only that, she was kind of by herself! Everyone was on the hill side grazing but spread out. Trinity wasn’t further away than any of the rest of the herd, but she was on the other side of the fence in the second field they can go in. She seemed happy. The little bay even came over to say hi to me when I went it. He’s sweet.

I got Boo Boo out first because he was closer. They seem very happy in their field, but Boo Boo was unsure about the old building along the driveway and the barn. It was a bit funny but also strange that he kept looking at the buildings like they were going to eat him. I took him over to the trailer to brush him and all the horses that are stalled are in a field right behind the trailer so they came over to the fence to try and say hi but I didn’t let Boo Boo get too close. He seemed to settle when I started brushing him. After a little brushing I let him graze for a few minutes (until I got cold from standing) and put him back and got Trinity out.

Trinity isn’t bothered by being apart from Boo Boo, but Boo Boo is.

She acted the same way about the buildings as Boo Boo did, but she wasn’t as bad. It didn’t help that Boo Boo kept calling for her too. As we walked to the trailer one of the stall horses came to the fence and called out to her. He was looking at her, but I don’t know if he was answering Boo Boo’s call or telling Trinity he thinks she’s cute. I brushed Trinity and let her graze for a bit and she was pretty calm except for the fact Boo Boo kept calling for her. I put her back and together they headed out to join the other horses grazing.

They seem perfectly happy in their field which is great! Trinity has been stuck to Boo Boo’s side since about October. I do find it a little strange they are unease about the buildings even though they can see the old one which seemed to freak them out more from their field. I also find it strange that Boo Boo is the one that doesn’t like when Trinity leaves the field. Trinity is the one with separation anxiety. I guess it’ll just take a little bit more time getting them used to the farm outside their field and I’m sure in time Boo Boo will be fine with Trinity leaving.

Can you spot Boo Boo in the middle?

Overall they seem much happier and more relaxed than they were for the last six months at the other barn, and so am I. I can’t wait to ride again! I may have to ask the owner to take some of the sand out since I’m not used to such deep sand and I have a feeling it might not be great for jumping. Other than deep sand I really can’t complain, especially since the farm is so beautiful! I keep driving slowly up and down the driveway just to look around! Winter has decided to come finally, so it still might be a little bit before riding starts again since there is no indoor, but it’s all good.


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