Moving Day

Yesterday I moved my horses. Yay!

It takes three of us to move them, but it all went pretty smoothly. I have a good feeling about the new barn and feel happy to have them moved.

So it takes three of us to load both horses because I have a slant load trailer and as I walk Boo Boo into his spot, my dad has to close the divider behind him otherwise Boo Boo would turn around and try and follow me out. My mom holds Trinity while we get Boo Boo on, then I grab her from my mom and she gets on easily.

Inside of my trailer when I was working on Boo Boo’s loading years ago. 

Boo Boo has not always liked getting on the trailer. It used to take a long time to get him on — once it took two hours to get him loaded. I’ve worked with him a lot so that he pretty much walks right on now, but like I said, I can’t load him by myself.

I was a bit nervous about loading him yesterday because when we moved the horses this summer he and I had a little accident loading. In front of Boo Boo is the human door to get out of the back of the trailer that has a bar that can be taken down in the middle of the doorway. I’ve always left it up to keep Boo Boo from following me out of the door.

When we loaded up this summer, as I was stepping backwards out of the trailer/twisting under the bar, I fell. I think my foot slipped on the driveway, but it happened so fast I’m not really sure what happened. I do know that I hadn’t told Boo Boo to stop yet, and he kept moving forward. He went under the bar and had his front feet on the ground. I was curled up in a ball on my back and saw him over me and yelled, “BOO BOO!” mostly to make sure he knew I was there. He looked down and saw me and continued exiting the trailer away from me. He managed to not step on me which I am so grateful for, but the barn was a busy and apparently everyone on the farm heard me yell which is a bit embarrassing, but that’s better than being stepped on.

Boo Boo managed to go under that bar and still not step on me!

I had taken down the hay bags that day, so my mom then went and got some hay to fill them before trying to load again so the doorway didn’t look so open to Boo Boo.

He scrapped a little hair off his back but was fine. My knee was scrapped a little, but I landed on my palm on the gravel so it was cut up, swollen, and very sore (later that day I also almost got hit in the head with a dog leash, not a good day to be me!).

The second time loading Boo Boo that day went fine, but he was very nervous and was a ball of sweat by the time we got to the new place.

We did not drive down the road with the windows open. We stopped for a bathroom break and opened them to check on the horses.

Loading Boo Boo yesterday went better than I thought it would after his last time loading, but we were both definitely a bit nervous. Loading and unloading horses can be dangerous and a bit nerve-racking anyways. I had to lead Boo Boo to the trailer twice for him to get on. The first time he put one foot on and refused to go anymore, so I took him in a circle and brought him right back to it. He tried to go to the side of the trailer, but once I got his head straight he went right on. I was careful about climbing out too. Once he was on I realized my heart was racing and my knees were weak, but we did it.

We did not drive down the road with the windows open. We stopped for a bathroom break and opened them to check on the horses.

Trinity is easier. She’s so attached to him that I can unclip her lead rope and get her started towards the trailer and she goes right on. I’m so glad she’s easier to load. It’s also a good thing because in my trailer I have nowhere to go after walking her on if I had to stay at her head like I do with Boo Boo. There’s no escape door in front of her so I would have to crawl under the barrier which seems too dangerous. Thankfully I don’t have to do that.

They seemed happy in their new home.

The drive was fine and they were good and happy in the trailer.

Once we got there, it was time to unload. I was nervous about this too. I couldn’t reach Trinity to clip her lead rope on before opening the trailer, so I just open the barrier and let her turn around before I clipped one on her. They always turn around quickly which makes me nervous. She came off with no problems, but Boo Boo then tryed to climb under his barrier, so I quickly opened it and he turned around so fast he almost fell as he slipped in the poop. Once he was turned around he was calm. I put a lead rope on him and we calmly walked off the trailer.

Boo Boo was sniffing around and trying to drag me around. Trinity didn’t seem to care too much. We walked them out to their new field and it was a pretty uneventful meeting. There were four other horses in there and when they realized there were new horses they came over. Boo Boo and Trinity were stuck side by side and there were a few half-hearted kicks from the other horses, but that was it.

By the time we left Boo Boo had already rolled!

I have a good feeling about this new barn and am excited to have an arena to ride in again! I still have to learn were the trails are, but that will come.

Have you managed to complete any New Years’ Goals yet? How do you and your horses find trailer loading and unloading?


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