Writing my Unwritten Goals for 2019

This is a little off topic for my blog, but I feel like this is something I need to put out into the world somewhere and I don’t really know where else to put it. It’s not totally off topic because I have a goal for this blog in my overall goals for the new year. I guess we should just get into it:

  1. To start off staying horse related, I want to find a new barn where my horses and I can all be happy. We aren’t loving where we are right now and are working on finding a new place, but it’s really hard! Hopefully this goal will be met within the first few months.
    1. EDIT: We have found a place that seems to be pretty ideal and are working on moving the horses soon!
  2. A goal that I’ve tried to keep to for a long time and I want to keep at is working both my horses at least twice a week. I hope with a new barn Boo and I can get back to jumping and Trinity and I can get back into pole bending because those are the things we love to do and I miss doing them.hay bale
  3. As for this blog, I would love for it to grow — it has been getting views on most days lately. I’m really loving blogging about my horses and want to keep doing it. I’ve already been blogging at least once a week pretty much since I started and I want to keep at that pace. There have been times I have posted twice a week when there’s a lot I want to talk about. I would also love to try blogging every day for a week or even a whole month — that would be a lot of writing! That might not happen, but I want to keep up with at least weekly posts for the year.
  4. I love to craft. I love all type of arting and crafting: painting, drawing, scrapbooking, cross-stitching, etc. A few years ago my friends gave me a really pretty horse cross-stitch that I haven’t touching in over a year. I know reasonably I won’t be able to finish it, but I want to at least work on it a few times this year.

    It has sat like this for over a year. Maybe I can work on the forehead and get the other ear done by the end of the year.
  5. Not directly related to the horses, but I want to be healthier. I’ve already spent most of December working on making exercising a habit and I managed to work out in some way most days (21/31!), and just with half an hour of extra, purposeful movement I feel so much better! I would like to loose some weight so my clothes aren’t as tight, but I’m really happy with how much better I feel with the extra movement.
  6. Related to the exercising, I said I managed to exercise in some way most days, but because I made sure I moved, I didn’t get as much other stuff like writing or crafting done as I would have liked to. Balance is the key here I think. I want to be better at being able to balance the different aspects of my life. I want to be able to write one day in my free time and exercise the next without feeling bad about not doing the other thing. This is probably my main unofficial goal for the year. It’s not written down on my 2019 Goals page in my Bullet Journal, but I think it’s what I need. I’m going to try and help myself learn this balance by having four pages with a calendar of the year for my four goal areas — “exercise,” “write,” “study,” and “other” — and I’ll mark on the respective calendar on the day if I do anything from that category. It was all too much to fit into one which is why I have four. I tried this form of tracking for my exercise in December and really like it. I hope it can help me see my productivity and balance what I want to spend my time doing.

    My blank exercise tracker.

Maybe not the most exciting goals or really relevant to this blog, but I needed to write BALANCE  down somewhere and this seemed like a good place. It’s a place I know I wrote down my unwritten goals for the year that I can refer back to and know it’s out in the world so I have to work on them.

Do you have any goals similar to mine? What are your goals? Would you like to know more about my goals or my Bullet Journal spreads?


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