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New Website!

I have enjoyed sharing my horse adventures here, but I have moved on to a new website. It will be the same, just at a new place: Please make sure to follow us over there to keep hearing our adventures! There are already a few new posts, and of course continue following along on... Continue Reading →

Important Announcement

Hey everyone! I want to let you know I am planning on redoing this blog. I am also going to be changing hosting sites. I don't know when I will have the new site up or what will happen with this site or when. I hope you want to continue reading about all our adventures,... Continue Reading →

Back to Work

The weather got warm and there was no rain or snow! Yay! So I was finally able to take the ponies out to play for a bit! I haven't done anything with them in about a month, so I just wanted to have a day to check in and see where they were at. Boo... Continue Reading →

Ciro and Baby

It was a long day but absolutely perfect! I got to go visit Ciro, his mom, and meet her new filly! When we entered the barn, Ciro's head was over his stall looking at us, and he was all ready to go again! I said hi to him, then we got to go meet the... Continue Reading →

Story Time: Barn Three

It's been a long time since we've had a Story Time! I've shared all my stories from my first two barns (read about Barn One here and Barn Two here), so let me introduce you to my third barn. This is the barn where I spent ten years of my life. I grew up at... Continue Reading →

Making a Plan

Before winter came and caused me to not do too much with the horses, I set in place a new planning system. I so often went to the barn with no real plan of what to do. Sometimes I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but I would too often hope... Continue Reading →


After I started riding Boo Boo, winter hit. Thankfully the winter hasn't been bad, but it is dragging on. Most days of February we had some snow. Varying amounts, but always enough that we had to shovel the driveway every day. That got old fast. Along with the snow it is cold. Not horribly cold... Continue Reading →

Week 7

The first day I went out I let Trinity graze behind the trailer while I brushed her. Then we went into the arena and did about twenty minutes of groundwork. She did a lot of licking and chewing again but no blowing out. Then I got Boo Boo out and he grazed behind the trailer... Continue Reading →

Week 6

The first day I went to the barn, the herd were at the far end of the field. I took Trinity out of the far gate and she didn't stress. As we went into the barn both boys called to her once then were fine. We went into the barn and she was tense while... Continue Reading →

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