After I started riding Boo Boo, winter hit. Thankfully the winter hasn't been bad, but it is dragging on. Most days of February we had some snow. Varying amounts, but always enough that we had to shovel the driveway every day. That got old fast. Along with the snow it is cold. Not horribly cold... Continue Reading →

Week 7

The first day I went out I let Trinity graze behind the trailer while I brushed her. Then we went into the arena and did about twenty minutes of groundwork. She did a lot of licking and chewing again but no blowing out. Then I got Boo Boo out and he grazed behind the trailer... Continue Reading →

Week 6

The first day I went to the barn, the herd were at the far end of the field. I took Trinity out of the far gate and she didn't stress. As we went into the barn both boys called to her once then were fine. We went into the barn and she was tense while... Continue Reading →

Week 5

The first day I went out, everyone was napping separated in their groups of three. As Trinity and I walked away from Boo Boo and Levi she kept looking back to them, but once we got out of the field she was fine. I took her over to the trailer so she could graze while... Continue Reading →

Week 4

I started the week by taking Trinity out. She was with Levi and Boo Boo. Levi was the one that had problems today, calling to her as we walked away. In the barn I brushed Trinity and we walked up and down the aisle. I decided to get her comfortable in the aisle before we... Continue Reading →

Week 3

So Levi, my friend's horse, moved in. I wasn't there. All I know is that he and Trinity went off together without Boo Boo. Not great news. I visited the next day and was not sure what to think. Trinity was glued to his side. Boo Boo stayed by them but was sort of a... Continue Reading →

Week 2

The first time I went out this week Trinity was actually further than a yard away from Boo Boo! They were still separate from the rest of the herd and once Trinity saw me she went over to Boo Boo, but there was some progress! I decided to take Trinity into the barn that day,... Continue Reading →

Moving and Week One

So we moved the horses. Thankfully the trailering was pretty uneventful other than Boo Boo being nervous from a previous trailer adventure (something to work on). He LEAPT out of the trailer when we got to the new barn. Putting them in their field was also pretty uneventful -- the two horses in there had... Continue Reading →

2021 Goals

I feel like I have been sitting and waiting for everything to be "right" before doing anything with the horses for a long time now. About three years. I am tired of that. I want to do something! I want to enjoy my horses. That being said, I know the first thing I need to... Continue Reading →

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