Balancing Life is Hard

Balancing life is so hard. All the time. I have so many things to do, yet I never know what I actually do in a day and I am always so busy. There are so many things I should be doing but I never have time for them. Life is busy. I work. I go... Continue Reading →

We Miss Poles and Jumping

Like I said last week, my mom isn't working because of coronavirus so she's come to the barn with me to do a few photo shoots. Doing the photo shoots, even though my ponies are not in shape at all, I wanted to try and get some pictures of us doing what we love: jumping... Continue Reading →

I Jumped in a Cape!!

So. This is a thing that happened. AND IT WAS FREAKING COOL!!! Gonna back up just a bit first. So, with the coronavirus, my mom isn't working so she's actually had time to go to the barn with me to do some photo shoots with the ponies! It's been great! It's been a long time... Continue Reading →

Ten Years: Plastic and Cardboard

Ten years ago I had the best week of my life. One of the most memorable weeks of my life. It was the week before I moved halfway across the country.  The move didn't make this week what it was. It impacted the week, but the week was so great because of where I was,... Continue Reading →

Story Time: Nicknames

If the only criterion for choosing a horse was a name, I'd gotten a loser. Lay Me Down? It wasn't a name, it was part of a prayer children recited before going to sleep at night. In a different context -- say, shouted across a pasture -- it might even sound a little wanton. Lay... Continue Reading →

Ten Things

For a school project I have to pick to written works to study the language used in them and compare them. I picked Black Beauty by Anna Sewell and Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. Inspired by the list of ten things the preacher tells Opal about her mom and the list of ten things... Continue Reading →


I recently was looking at the pictures I have of an old lesson horse. I have 600 pictures of him. They're all just siting on my hard-drive. What's the good of that? What can I do with them. I roughly picked out 100 pictures from the 600 that I love. Ideally, what I want to... Continue Reading →

Take a Breath

I have so much to do today. This week. This month. School, work, horses, personal. I have goals for all of them. There are things that need done. There are things I want done. Yesterday was a good day. I got a lot of stuff done. School and work stuff. Today I was going to... Continue Reading →

Things Feel Weird

By the time I post this it might not even be relevant anymore. Maybe it will be more relevant. Who knows? Things are changing so fast in the world right now. I'm in an area that thankfully isn't too affected by the coronavirus. Schools are close. Nonessential businesses are close. My life is still going... Continue Reading →

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