I saddled Trinity last week! It feels like it's been forever since I've used the saddle! Not since Ponying the Pony in December. So Friday my phone made it look like it was going to rain all day, so I headed out to the barn with my tack cleaning stuff to give my tack a... Continue Reading →


Nap Day

I've been running low on ideas for this blog recently if you haven't been able to tell. The weather hasn't been great, but not horrible. I've been doing nothing new with the ponies. Life has had all the stressers. It just hasn't been super great recently, but this week I came up with so many... Continue Reading →

Vital Signs

So, I've owned Boo Boo for 9 years and Trinity for 8 years, and it is just this year that I decided I should probably get some vital signs for them so I know when something is wrong. Smart, right? Better late than never? So I went to Google and found an article from Continue Reading →

Sandy Lane Stables

I really wish I had something to talk about, but my horse life is extremely boring at the since I read some horse books, why not talk about them? So I don't remember when/how i got these, but I have two of the Sandy Lane Stables books. I've always enjoyed them.. I like how... Continue Reading →

The Saddle Club

What horse girl didn't read any of The Saddle Club books or watch the TV show? I know I did. The first time I saw the TV show and was introduced to The Saddle Club was in the movie rental place in the grocery store. I happened to see a DVD with horses on it, so... Continue Reading →

Week After Week

Every week, as far as the barn is concerned, keeps turning out the same. Because of weather/my health/school work I am only able to go out twice a week. I miss the ponies a lot because that's just not enough time -- about two hours with each one a week. The only nice thing is... Continue Reading →

Story Time: Girl Scouts at my Barn

One sunny Sunday afternoon in May of 2005, my mom and I went out to my second barn to meet my Girl Scout troop for a horse ride/workshop/thing/whatever. I was the only girl in my troop that actually rode horses. One other girl and I went to Girl Scout horse camp a few years together,... Continue Reading →

Always Learning

Nothing exciting from this week. I haven't been feeling well, the weather has been a little crazy and Trinity is having allergies again. I have also been working on a paper on The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton and a speech about horses for school. The Encyclopedia of Horses and Ponies is a book I... Continue Reading →

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